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Misty Blue
Misty Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Honey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Jade Green
Jade Green Sale priceFrom £8.00
Regents Green
Regents Green Sale priceFrom £4.49
Sky Grey
Sky Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades Sale priceFrom £4.49
Caramel Tea
Caramel Tea Sale priceFrom £4.49
Buckingham Blue
Buckingham Blue Sale priceFrom £4.49
Maria White
Maria White Sale priceFrom £4.49
Mayfair Ice
Mayfair Ice Sale priceFrom £4.49
Shakespeare's Dream
Shakespeare's Dream Sale priceFrom £4.49
Portobello Mint
Portobello Mint Sale priceFrom £4.49
London Sky
London Sky Sale priceFrom £4.49
Windsor Jade
Windsor Jade Sale priceFrom £4.49
Kensington Cream
Kensington Cream Sale priceFrom £4.49
Silky Grey
Silky Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Satin Grey
Satin Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Chocolate Chai
Chocolate Chai Sale priceFrom £4.49
MesmerEyez Coloured Contacts Starter PackMesmerEyez Coloured Contacts Starter Pack
Elizabeth Skye
Elizabeth Skye Sale priceFrom £8.00
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest Sale priceFrom £8.00
Stirling Silver
Stirling Silver Sale priceFrom £8.00

The complete A-Z MesmerEyez Collection all in wholesale, all our Natural Coloured Cosmetic Contact Lenses. Beautiful colours blend together with your own eye colour creating a unique natural look individual to you. Coloured Contacts suitable for all eye colours. As seen in Vogue  London Fashion Week and Grazia. Perfect to retail in fancy dress shops, Halloween shops, salons etc.

MesmerEyez - the best coloured contact lenses in the UK 

There are coloured contacts and then there’s wholesale MesmerEyez coloured lenses. These are the top selling, top quality lenses that can transform any set of eyes into a mesmerising pair.

Reasons why people are dying to buy Mesmereyez wholesale coloured contact lenses

The demand for coloured contact lenses goes from strength to strength.

Each year sees more and more people riding the wave of coloured contacts and the fun and enjoyment they bring.

The market is looking for a bigger and better variety of coloured contacts in a quality brand that they can trust.

That’s why wholesale MesmerEyez coloured lenses are such huge sellers.

You could be selling a true UK made and EU certified brand of coloured contacts that have a reputation for quality and comfort. It’s the superb selection of colours that take MesmerEyez lenses into a world of their own.

From the ultimate in Natural Colours, the only name to remember is MesmerEyez.

Selling the best range of coloured contacts is easier than ever.

From just an initial enquiry, you can get yourself a special Starter Pack sent straight to you with all you need to know about how to get your extra sales and profits rolling.

You can choose from a sensational stock of colours. When you buy MesmerEyez wholesale coloured contact lenses, you get world of choice that is unrivalled by other suppliers.

These are the perfect add-on item for anyone running a Hair or Beauty salon, fancy dress shop, fashion accessories outlet or Pharmacy. The popularity of coloured contacts increases each and every week. There’s no time to sell wholesale MesmerEyez coloured lenses to this growing market.

Don’t waste another minute when there’s a powerful way to grow your profits. We’re talking about an almost unbelievable 100% mark-up. That’s something you can’t pass up.

Talk to the team in the know and find your own stock of winning contacts when you buy MesmerEyez wholesale coloured contact lenses. It could be the answer to the question of how to grow your business without the huge stress of a heavy outlay. 

Your ticket to ticking over better sales will start with wholesale MesmerEyez coloured lenses. Start the ball rolling today.

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