How to Wear MesmerEyez Contact Lenses

How to Wear MesmerEyez Contact Lenses


MesmerEyez eyewear is fun, safe and easy to use.

Please ensure that you read and follow all the instructions before attempting to wear.


- Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. 

- Place eyewear onto the tip of your index finger ensuring that it has a natural bowl like shape, see diagram.

- Hold your upper lid open with your other index finger, at the same time hold your lower lid open with the middle finger. Looking straight at your eye in the mirror, slowly and gently place the accessory on your eye.

- Carefully release your eyelids and blink.

- You can gently massage your eyelid to centre the accessory.

- When you are sure that it is correctly inserted, repeat the procedure for the opposite eye.


- Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
- Look upwards and hold down the lower lid with a finger from any hand.

- Slowly and gently using any finger slide the eyewear down to the white of your eye.

- Gently pinch from your eye, taking care not to pinch too hard. Repeat for the other eye.


- Always rinse with MesmerEyez All-In-One solution before wearing and after removing. Always store in fresh MesmerEyez All-In-One solution in the case provided.

Wearing Instructions

- MesmerEyez eyewear is intended for occasional use only. Check with your eyecare practitioner before wearing for prolonged periods on an everyday basis. They will advise you of your recommended wearing schedule.
- If you wear infrequently, always remember to replace the solution in the storage case every week.

- MesmerEyez eyewear is intended to be disposed of after 1 day, 30 days or 90 days after opening as indicated on the packaging, irrespective of the number of times worn during the period.

Safety Precautions

Procedures/instructions recommended by your eye care practitioner & this guide must be followed at all times. Failure to do so may result in serious eye health problems.

- DO NOT wear for longer than intended period. 

- DO NOT wear if they appear to be damaged. 

- DO NOT share with anyone else.

- DO NOT let hair spray, cosmetic aerosols or any cosmetics come into contact with them.

- DO NOT participate in any water sports whilst wearing.
- ALWAYS remove before sleeping.

- ALWAYS put in before applying any make-up & take out before removing any make-up.

- ALWAYS remove immediately if your eyes get red or irritated, or if you have any discomfort or pain, and seek help from a qualified eyecare practitioner.

- You MUST NOT wear If you suffer from any of the following :-

Corneal dystrophies, Corneal ulcers, Inflammation of the cornea, e.g. keratitis, Inflammation of the eye, e.g. iritis, uveitis, Allergic eye conditions, any pre-existing eye condition

- MesmerEyez eyewear is suitable for healthy eyes (size: 14.0mm diameter, median base curve).

Fitting and Aftercare

- It is recommended that you consult your eyecare practitioner to ensure suitability.

- Always have regular check-ups and follow the advice of your medical or eye practitioner.

- If you feel any unexplained discomfort, watering, vision change or redness, remove immediately and seek advice from a eyecare practitioner.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information in this leaflet, please consult your eyecare practitioner.

For further advise call our helpline on 0871 900 9025

Leave a message and one of our customer advisers will call you back.

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