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Auburn Sale priceFrom £8.00
Autumn Mist
Autumn Mist Sale priceFrom £8.00
Berkshire Blue
Berkshire Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Blue Swan
Blue Swan Sale priceFrom £8.00
Buckingham Blue
Buckingham Blue Sale priceFrom £4.49
Caramel Tea
Caramel Tea Sale priceFrom £4.49
Chocolate Chai
Chocolate Chai Sale priceFrom £4.49
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Earl Grey
Earl Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Elizabeth Skye
Elizabeth Skye Sale priceFrom £8.00
English Oak
English Oak Sale priceFrom £8.00
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades Sale priceFrom £4.49
Honey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Jade Green
Jade Green Sale priceFrom £8.00
Juniper Berry
Juniper Berry Sale priceFrom £8.00
Kensington Cream
Kensington Cream Sale priceFrom £4.49
London Sky
London Sky Sale priceFrom £4.49
Maria White
Maria White Sale priceFrom £4.49
Mayfair Ice
Mayfair Ice Sale priceFrom £4.49
Misty Blue
Misty Blue Sale priceFrom £8.00
Moss Green
Moss Green Sale priceFrom £8.00
Pearl Grey
Pearl Grey Sale priceFrom £8.00
Portobello Mint
Portobello Mint Sale priceFrom £4.49

Make it a great year in One Year coloured contact lenses 

You’ve probably seen or heard about the great range of coloured contacts that MesmerEyez Wholesale offer. Have you seen the One Year coloured contact lenses available now?

There’s only one word for these One Year winners and that’s – Wow!

Here is where you get the best of Natural, Halloween and an incredible assortment of other eye-catching looks from the best brands – all in one place.

From One Day to a Whole Year of Gorgeousness

Maybe you’ve only dabbled in one or two, or even a few pairs of One Day lenses and you’ve loved the reaction. Then you graduated into the One Month or Three Month selections. 

Suddenly, everyone is talking about your incredible eyes and some can’t wait to see what you have in store for your next meeting.  

Luckily for you, MesmerEyez Wholesale has an unbelievable array of colours in quality One Year coloured contact lenses. There are over 60 different shades to amaze and impress anyone who looks you in the eye.

You’re spoilt for choice with awesome options like;

  • Platinum Aqua & Aqua Blue
  • Chocolate Chai & Caramel Tea
  • there’s luscious Lavender or mysterious Mayfair Ice
  • dive into a pair of Sea Blue contacts
  • or try the soft and subtle Velvet Grey 

The possibilities are almost endless.

This is your chance to blow people away each and every day in a scintillating shade of your choice. Having your own special coloured contacts gives you a special edge and a confidence boost. You can find the perfect pair to suit your mood. 

An asset for any occasion

There’s something magical about someone having the ability to change the colour of their eyes. It’s no wonder the world is going crazy for the latest collections from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

If you’re after a pair of the best coloured contacts around, then you’ve found it.

If you are looking to stock up on the hottest selling items, then here’s your chance!

You could be selling your own selection of MesmerEyez lenses in next to no time and watching the register ticking over. 

All you need to do is get yourself a Starter Pack and you’re on your way. It’s a fantastic way to increase your turnover with the minimum of fuss.

Ready, Set, Go

These days, it’s important to make the most of any opportunity to earn some extra revenue. 

There’s a simple and super effective way with the range of top coloured contacts from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

It’s not just the great lenses either – you get true professional team back-up to put you on the front foot, like:  

  • FREE Marketing material with all orders 
  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250
  • FREE Swap service – (swap any colour for a more popular one at any time, no extra charge)
  • 100% Margin and it takes hardly any of your precious store space 

Now comes the best part – MesmerEyez Wholesale offer a special MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, for any reason with your first order! 

That’s how much we know you’re going to love selling these hot little numbers.

Time to get your pairs working for you

MesmerEyez Wholesale has a range of coloured, Halloween and Fancy Dress special lenses that has to be seen to be believed.

You can stock your store with them today and they’ll be flying out your door tomorrow. That’s extra earnings without extra effort. Win/Win!

Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today and you’ll be having a year to celebrate.

What are you waiting for?

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