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Jade Green
Jade Green Sale priceFrom £8.00
Regents Green
Regents Green Sale priceFrom £4.49
Shakespeare's Dream
Shakespeare's Dream Sale priceFrom £4.49
Portobello Mint
Portobello Mint Sale priceFrom £4.49
Windsor Jade
Windsor Jade Sale priceFrom £4.49
Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest Sale priceFrom £8.00
Juniper Berry
Juniper Berry Sale priceFrom £8.00
Moss Green
Moss Green Sale priceFrom £8.00
Winter Fern
Winter Fern Sale priceFrom £8.00

Coloured contact lenses for wholesale. For a dramatic and exciting colour change giving even the darkest eyes an alluring new colour. Suitable for dark and light eyes. Available in 1 day1 Month3 Months and 12 Months Disposable.  Perfect to retail in fancy dress shops, Halloween shops, salons etc .

Green contact lenses that everyone will envy

The world of coloured contact lenses is going green.

Blues and browns are fine but the market is crying out for something special. That’s where green is the new Go To colour.

More and more people are looking to buy green contacts wholesale priced and quality approved.

That’s where MesmerEyez Wholesale stands out from the crowd.

Reasons to go Green

It’s no wonder why people are itching to get their hands on a pair of wholesale green contact lenses.

There’s something naturally appealing about the colour green.

It’s the wonder of Mother Nature and the magic it brings.

When you look into someone’s green eyes, you’re going to be mesmerised. Green is almost hypnotic.

Who wouldn’t want eyes like that?

The Greens that have to be Seen

Years ago, people often wished for a set of special hazel eyes.

These days the market for coloured contacts is calling for more variety and MesmerEyez Wholesale now deliver a sensational selection of stunning green eyes to enjoy.

The fantastic range of greens includes;

  • Emerald 
  • Jade
  • Turquoise
  • the deep Persian Green
  • and the mysterious Portobello Mint

That’s just a handful of what’s on offer.

Each shade will look unique with your own eye colour, so anyone can take advantage of this wonderful way of going green.

Getting the chance to buy green contacts wholesale has never been easier. The captivating collection has something for everyone.

The envy of all coloured contacts suppliers

There are a number of suppliers in the coloured contacts world. There’s only one that gives you the guarantee of EU quality tested lenses from the trusted brands.

When it comes to the best wholesale green contact lenses, you can’t go past MesmerEyez Wholesale.

It’s the perfect mix of quality, variety and value for money all at the one online store.

The best part is how well these wholesale green contact lenses sell. That’s where you come in.

If you’re running a hair or beauty salon, fashion accessories store or even a Pharmacy, you’re always going to be on the lookout for a new sales option that brings in a tidy profit.

That’s exactly what you get with MesmerEyez lenses. 

When your customers choose to buy green contacts wholesale, they want a great price for a great product. That’s what you can give them and why they’ll keep coming back for more.

Blue, brown, green, grey and Halloween lenses that defy the senses can all be yours. They are the perfect impulse buy whenever someone enters your store.

The whole range of coloured lenses are available in; 

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • and 12 Month options.

Whatever the event, party or special occasion, you have the answer for anyone looking for that winning edge.

How do you get those profits rolling?

Get yourself a new income stream with these incredible coloured contacts. 

You don’t need to worry about using much of your precious store space. MesmerEyez Wholesale lenses is how little you’ll need and how easy it is to get started.

It’s all made easy for you. Simply order your Starter Pack and you’re set. 

We’re so sure of the selling power of our top quality coloured contacts that we offer a huge 100% Margin and the power of a true British Brand, of British Quality that’s European Certified.

AND MesmerEyez Wholesale offer of a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any reason with your first order!

Get the profits rolling in with quality coloured contact lenses.

Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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