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Full Sclera Black
Full Sclera Black Sale price£34.99 Regular price£39.99
Mini Sclera Black
Mini Sclera Black Sale priceFrom £6.99
Mini Sclera Red
Mini Sclera Red Sale priceFrom £6.99
Mini Sclera Red Rage
Mini Sclera Red Rage Sale priceFrom £6.99
Mini Sclera White
Mini Sclera White Sale priceFrom £6.99
Mini Sclera Beast
Mini Sclera Beast Sale priceFrom £6.99

Wholesale Sclera contact lenses here and now

You probably know just how good Sclera lenses are, but where can you get your hands on wholesale Sclera contact lenses? The answer is right in front of you. You’re already here! MesmerEyez Wholesale are your go-to team for the best in Sclera contact lenses.

The perfect Sclera Contacts at the perfect price

When you buy wholesale Sclera Contact Lenses you save on a true quality product. We’re proud to say we offer the best price on Sclera contacts – not just in the country, but in the world!

What’s different about Sclera contacts?

First of all there is the great range. How is this for variety in the best novelty lenses going around? You can get the best in black sclera contact lenses and white sclera contacts. It’s the straight out, freak out effect that party goers love. This is the wholesale Sclera Contact Lenses Headquarters. More choice than you can believe! There’s a magical mix of mesmerizing contacts, like:

  • Satanic Red – for a devilishly hot look
  • Human Skin – to make other people’s skin crawl
  • Possessed Black – in a full-on, face the demon
  • Sinister Black & White – that drains the colour out of anyone who looks at you
  • Dielated – where you will die laughing at the freak out effect

You could also go for the super selection in special Mini Sclera contacts – like the pure fun of Pure Rage and the killer Vampire look, along with the amazing Yellow Stitches that will give everyone the heebie-jeebies. You’re probably getting goosebumps just reading about them. Imagine when people wear them! Wow! It’s no wonder they are such top sellers. You’ll be sitting back watching orders for your wholesale Sclera Contact Lenses walking out the door.

The special thing about Sclera lenses

All Sclera Lenses and Crazy Lenses bear a CE marking and are ISO certified. Now, that’s the kind of peace of mind you live for. The centre of soft Sclera lenses is transparent. That means whoever is wearing them can see through the middle. The other great thing about Sclera Full Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are that they’re designed to fit most eyes. With full eye Sclera lenses in, the effect brings the best of a fun freakout! This gives wearers whole eye cover to create a truly stunning look. No wonder Sclera lenses are used right throughout the movie and music Industries. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Motown to London town, these are the best in the business. Perfect for parties, dress-ups, Halloween and a special Cosplay look, you can get Sclera contacts are the cheapest in the world, find cheaper and we will beat the price. MesmerEyez is where you get both quality products and quality customer service.

A whole way to save on wholesale today

We’re proud to offer the best range of coloured contacts going around. The collections include the biggest name in coloured contacts and they’re all right here and waiting for you. Whatever wholesale wonders you’re looking for: Cheap white sclera contact lenses, Black sclera contact lenses or cool and crazy colours, you’ll find the best priced wholesale Sclera Contact Lenses here. If, by magic, you do find it cheaper – we will BEAT the price – everytime. Now you know the place to go - from Naturals to Halloween and every look in between.  Each of the MesmerEyez collections is pure perfection. Your customers will love you and their new look. Need any more information? Just contact us here and we’ll be back to you pronto.

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