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Deadset impressed by possessed black contact lenses

To get that extra edge for a Halloween outfit or fancy dress look can be everything to some people.

It gets to be almost an obsession for some and even desperate for others.

That extra edge is right here with possessed black contact lenses.

The look is out of another world and everyone is going to be blown away by them. These are super special coloured contacts and your customers will feel both supernatural and special wearing them.

A secret to possess

The magic element of possessed black contact lenses is in the fact that the wearer has no visible pupil. That’s not just a little odd, it’s straight out freaky! That’s exactly what someone wants when they pop a pair in. A full-on freak out effect.

You can just imagine the shock of looking into a pair of totally blacked-out eyes. Yes, you will think you are actually looking at someone who is possessed.

Now that’s not just some Halloween fun – that’s a ticket to scare the wits out of anyone and everyone they meet.

Putting you in the picture

Now here’s where you come into the equation.

The fact that possessed black contact lenses sell so well makes it easier on you.

All you have to do is set yourself up with the best Halloween and costume contact lenses and watch them walk out the door or your store.

Perfect for selling at a pharmacy, fashion outlet, accessories store or hair and beauty salons. These lenses are the ultimate in an impulse buy. Just one look at a picture of possessed black contact lenses can turn someone into a customer right there and then.

More than one reason to get on the coloured contacts bandwagon

First off, coloured contact lenses are selling madly right across the globe. The hunger for quality contacts is growing by the day.

With such a strong money spinner in play, why don’t you add some extra revenue in this super easy way?

It all starts with MesmerEyez Wholesale and the incredible stock available.

You get heaps of help without spending a load, like:

  • FREE Marketing material with all orders.
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  • FREE Swap service – (where you can swap any colour for a more popular one at any time, no extra charge)
  • 100% Margin and it all takes very little shop space.

The best part is – MesmerEyez Wholesale offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, for any reason with your first order!

You can’t beat that.

What else do you need to know?

MesmerEyez Wholesale has an unbelievable range of coloured, Halloween and Fancy Dress special lenses like the possessed black contact lenses and more freaky options.

Stock your store with them today and watch them flying out the door tomorrow.

These quality contacts make perfect business sense.

This is a simple way to make extra money without much extra effort. Win/Win!

Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today and see how it can work for you.

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