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The Best Grey Coloured Contact Lenses in the UK

The Best Grey Coloured Contact Lenses in the UK

There’s often been the mistaken idea that grey is somehow indecisive or even dull. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to coloured contacts.

Get Wholesale Coloured Contact Lenses for Under £3

If someone told you that you could get top quality wholesale coloured contact lenses under £3, you’d probably say they were bonkers...

Why is Everyone Buying Halloween Contact Lenses in the UK?

You might be one of those people who think Halloween has no place in Britain. (It started here). You might be someone who thinks it’s the ‘Americanisation’ of British life. (It’s actually Irish)..

Why Black Out Contact Lenses are Always Selling Out

In case you haven’t heard or you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Halloween sales in Britain are huge...

Why the UK is Sinking their Teeth into Vampire Contact Lenses

There are a growing number of people out there who want to take their dress-up to the next level and beyond...

How White Contact Lenses Became the New Black

In case you’re in any double about how many people wear coloured contacts, it’s millions and the number grows day by day...