Why the UK is Sinking their Teeth into Vampire Contact Lenses

The bloody Best Vampire Contacts can be yours

There are a growing number of people out there who want to take their dress-up to the next level and beyond.

That’s where vampire contact lenses come into the equation.

Everyone at a costume party is after something that makes them stand out.

Nearly all of them are looking to get an extra edge on their outfit in any way they can.

That’s why something as weird and wonderful as vampire contacts are becoming the go-to items for partygoers right across the UK.

Popping in a pair of popular lenses

Are special coloured contacts as popular in the UK as everywhere else?

You better believe it!

With the growth of events and festivals throughout the year, there is any number of chances for people to wear their coloured contact lenses.

Forget dressing up just for the usual holidays like:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Xmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween

There are more costume parties than ever and it doesn’t even need to be a party either.

More fun to be had

Now there’s a world of opportunities to dress up. From music shows and festivals to art events and dance parties, costumes are worn wherever the wearer wants and the fun of dressing up is becoming a serious business.

It’s not unusual for someone or even a whole group of people to come dressed up as a character of some kind. It could be everybody in black and red capes, with hair slicked back and wearing vampire contact lenses and fangs.

It’s no wonder that the fun of the onesie craze and events like National Pyjama Week have spread the joy of dressing up for everyone from kids to adults.

The evidence is even stronger when it comes to the growth of Halloween in the UK.

The selling power of Halloween

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last 5 years, you would have noticed the growing number of people dressing up for Halloween in the UK.

It’s no longer considered just an American and Canadian time anymore.

Because it’s not just kids and families who are getting in on the act, Halloween has become a £420 million spending splurge throughout the UK!

Your chance to cash in on the action

It would be a fatal mistake to think you can’t get some of the Halloween pie as a retailer. There are more ways than ever to tie in your store with the Halloween hype.

Some business owners think it’s just a matter of putting up a sign or posting their version of a Halloween Sale and hoping for the best.

That’s really a hit and miss approach – with more Miss than Hits.

Did you know that one of the biggest selling items are something small and easy to sell? That’s specially coloured Halloween contact lenses.

Selling at Halloween is super simple

From spaced out Alien to a freaky vampire look, Halloween contacts put you on a real winner.

All you have to do is contact MesmerEyez Wholesale and you’ll get all the help you need to make Halloween a killer sales season.

With a Halloween Starter Pack, you have everything you need as a retailer to start selling some of the very best Halloween contact lenses around. The pack includes a promo poster, leaflets and a point of sale stand to show your Halloween contacts selection in the best way.

These contact lenses look amazing in your store whether it’s a fashion outlet, hair or beauty salon, gift shop or pharmacy. Each starter pack has a selection of the best-selling colours in One Day and 3 Month varieties.

When people come looking for Devil or Hell Raiser lenses, even Voldermort and Vampire contacts, the list goes on and so will the rush for customers to get their set of coloured lenses.

The best part is the special Money Back Guarantee that means if you aren’t happy for any reason you’ll get your money back!

That’s what you call backing up a line of quality products if you ever heard one.

It’s a no stress, no hassle way to make some huge Halloween sales.

Tap into a powerful line of profits with the best Halloween contact lenses in the UK.

Get your sales rolling now. Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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