How White Contact Lenses Became the New Black

There’s nothing like White out contact lenses

In case you’re in any double about how many people wear coloured contacts, it’s millions and the number grows day by day.

But what colours are they wearing?

It may seem strange but the latest rage in the colour range are White contact lenses.

Yes, the stand out for people looking to stun, shock and startle with their kooky and even spooky versions of white contact lenses.

Why White Works

There’s a few solid reasons why white is a winner when it comes to coloured contacts. Let’s go through them one by one and you’ll see it makes sense.

  1. There is nothing quite like white contact lenses for a freaky effect
  2. Choose from a wide variety
  3. You’ll look like the work of a professional make-up artist
  4. It turns any dress-up or costume into something supernatural

Partygoers everywhere love the way white contact lenses defy the senses. You won’t find white eyes like these in the real world – that’s why these lenses are so unreal and sell at an unreal rate.

One pair for guaranteed stare

When you see something as freaky as whiteout contacts, you won’t forget them. You won’t forget the person wearing them either and that’s the other key to their success.

Anyone heading to a costume or Halloween party is going to be looking for any chance to stand out from the crowd.

Now, they could spend up big on the costume itself:

  • Clothes
  • A wig or special hair-styling
  • Make-up
  • Footwear or Special Effects props (fake nose or limb, etc.)

The list goes on depending on how far they are willing to go and how far their budget can be stretched.

The other option is to get the costume all set and then put the icing on the cake – that’s the beauty of coloured contacts and that’s the killer ingredient that white out contact lenses have proven to be.

It turns any ghostly or ghoulish outfit into something extra special.

White Out Contact Lenses for the In crowd

Years ago, it would’ve been fine to dress up as a horror film character and be done with it.

There would be any number of Freddie Kruger’s, Michael Myers or even Carrie and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mob.

That doesn’t cut it anymore and the world of dress-up and Cosplay is about going that extra step with an outfit that doesn’t just look good, it blows people away.

To say it can be obsession for some partygoers is an understatement.

That led to stranger and stranger costumes and more and more elaborate efforts in pulling off a chance at being Best Dressed.

When coloured contacts came into play, the world of costume parties and Halloween went crazy with all the options that were suddenly available.

That’s when suppliers had to find more exciting and interesting colours and designs for the market. Hello white out contact lenses and the like!

Whiteout contacts one of the fastest to sell out

As soon as customers got one look at the weird and wonderful world of white contact lenses, they were hooked.

One style led to another and now there is a whole collection of variations in white.

These days the choice includes everything from Blind White to Dead White, White Cat, White Demon and even Glass White.

The selection of white contact lenses keeps evolving with new versions and styles that barely keep up with demand.

There’s some serious money to be made in selling these incredibly popular party items.

Your chance to pick up your sales

The great thing about the best white contact lenses around is they all have a home at MesmerEyez Wholesale – the UK’s leading coloured contact supplier.

If you’re running a hair or beauty salon, maybe a fashion outlet or novelty shop, you can see how well something like coloured contacts can sell.

The best thing is that MesmerEyez Wholesale make it easy.

They give you a choice of coloured contacts – including the edgier stock like white out contact lenses.

You get promotional material, your own display stand and poster – plus their Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you aren’t happy.

They know you will be because you’ll be selling one of the very best quality UK made products. That gives you one of the best avenues to set your profits soaring. 

Ready to roll? Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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