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The Very Best Vampire contact lenses are here

Everyone wants a great look for Halloween.

Is there anything better than Halloween vampire lenses? We don’t think so.

Looking to get a dead-set delight out of giving friends a fright? Go Vampire contact lenses.

MesmerEyez Wholesale have Halloween all wrapped up in a simple pair of amazing lenses.

Bloody ripper pairs of lenses

There’s not just one freakin’ amazing look in the Halloween vampire lenses range.

There is a whole selection of scarily good looks that will help make any outfit a winner.

Vampire contact lenses are the perfect way to get a super stunning look for Halloween.

Adding that mystery and magic makes all the difference. No wonder these little wonders are so popular, especially in the Halloween madness

There’s a whole variety of mesmerizing Vampire contact lenses, like:

  • Bloody Red – spookily stunning
  • Dead Red – a look that stops people dead in their tracks
  • Red Vampire – a freaky blood thirsty winner
  • Red Mesh – a haunting look if ever there was one
  • Red Blind – see the full-on freak out effect do its magic

People can also go for a variation of the classic Vampire look with a pair of Twilight, Devil or Hellraiser lenses in. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to get a lot of attention and maybe even a little extra space around them. With these Halloween Vampire lenses in, they’re going to have serious fun freaking a few people out.

Starting to get chills just reading about them.

Imagine when your customers start flooding in to buy them! You’ll be smiling from ear to ear and that’s the look we love to see.

It’s no wonder contacts like the MesmerEyez Halloween Vampire lenses are such top sellers. They’re an easy way to make any get-up a step up in style. It’s so simple, it’s almost spooky.

You’ll be watching the Vampire contact lenses flying off the shelves like bats in the night.

The special thing about MesmerEyez Halloween contacts

MesmerEyez is all about helping you become a selling sensation. Remember, you’re always going to get top quality products and top customer service. It’s all about making it a Win/Win situation.

Making more money shouldn’t be hard. That’s why MesmerEyez make it simple and easy for a reason.

The whole Halloween wholesale can start today

We’re proud to offer the top range of Halloween coloured contacts – bar none.

The selection is extra-ordinary and the looks are drop dead gorgeous.

If you want to see the whole range of Halloween contact lenses – they’re all right here.

Just look and see how good our Vampire contact lenses and other Halloween contacts can be.

At MesmerEyez, we make it easy to sell seriously great lenses to help you make some serious money.

You get:

  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250.
  • FREE Marketing material with all orders.
  • FREE Swap service swaps any colour for a more popular colour at any time, no extra charge.

These wholesale wonders will do wonders for your profits. 100% mark up is magic of the best kind.

From the best for Halloween and every special look on the scene, MesmerEyez is the only place to go.  

Ready to get rolling? Your customers are going to love you to death and their hot new look.

Need to know more? Just contact us here and we’ll be back to you in a flash.

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