Why are White Sclera Contacts Such a Halloween Hit?

It’s White Sclera Halloween contacts the UK has fallen in love with

People want to forget the worries of the World at Halloween.

It’s time to get out in a dress up outfit and live it up.

No point just going with the Halloween outfit from last year.

No need to play it safe with something we’ve all seen before.

There’s a big push to give the costume side of things a real nudge and wear something truly amazing.

That’s the beauty of something as potent as white sclera contacts for Halloween.

With a pair of these little wonders in, you are going to get noticed in a big way!

What’s the secret to White Sclera contacts?

The power of White Sclera contacts is the way they sit so comfortably and cover the natural colour of the eye – completely!

That sounds pretty freaky, but Sclera lenses will keep your eyes fresh and hydrated for up to 8 hours.

That’s a lot of partying to party through. It’s all about getting the freakiest look in the most sensational and sensationally easy way.

You don’t need to spend up big on expensive outfits to look like a million dollars at Halloween or a costume party.

With a ghostly outfit, dressing up like the undead or a beast you have the perfect chance to take it over the top with a pair of black or white sclera Halloween contacts UK partygoers are going crazy for.

Wow and Kapow

Any event or festival these days seems to have a dress up element to it. Here’s the perfect opportunity to make a big splash in a big crowd.

Anyone who sees a pair of White Sclera contacts is going to jump or even shriek.

Having that first look in the mirror or seeing those party photos is proof of just how much you can transform someone and how simple it is to do.

The Halloween Hit and no missing it

Costume parties are more popular than ever and that has led to a whole range of coloured contacts being produced.  

The variety is struggling to keep up with this almost insatiable demand. The extra edge that people are looking for was one of the reasons that more extreme lenses like white sclera Halloween contacts in the UK became such a hit.

Why would someone get White Sclera contacts?

The thing about the better brands of coloured contacts is the great word-of-mouth they bring.

If someone buys a pair of something like White Sclera contacts or maybe Blind contact lenses, they know they have a unique look already. It’s not a cheap gimmick and yet it doesn’t cost the earth.

They have a head start on everyone else in the Best Dressed stakes. But where do they find the best of these special lenses.

Why you should sell White Sclera contacts and other Halloween lenses

That’s where you come into the equation.

If you’re running a fashion outlet, a Pharmacy, hair or beauty salon or even a novelty or gift shop you’d be mad not to be selling the coloured contacts the whole nation has gone crazy for!

The best part is the mark up on these lenses is huuuge – we’re talking 100% here.

This is your chance to get your own sales rolling on a quality item and one of the best impulse buys.

Where do you start?

All you have to do is go to the best of the best supplier – that’s MesmerEyez Wholesale.

You can order top quality, UK made and EU certified coloured contacts.

Order the stock that you like and think will best suit your clientele. Then you get a great Starter Pack which includes:

  1. A selection of the best-selling stock
  2. A Point of Sale display stand (Worth £40.00 with 50% off)
  3. Free Marketing Material - Posters, Leaflets & Flyers
  4. Free Lifetime Swap Service (swap colours whenever you want, no questions asked!)
  5. The special Money Back Guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason!

That’s one hell of a kick starter for a new stream of profits.

Sell anytime of year with the back-up from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

There’s a choice of: 1 day, 1 month, 3 month or Yearly contacts.

You can hear the Kaching! already. Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.


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