The Coloured Contact Lenses Halloween is Made For

Get serious with coloured contacts this Halloween

We all know that Halloween just gets bigger and better every year.

Sales go through the roof and coloured contact lenses for Halloween are the perfect impulse buy.

No-one wants to miss out on the fun and festivities. No retailer wants to miss out on the action.

A Money Spinner Winner

Halloween in the UK, is becoming the GO TO party season for more than one reason.

It’s the end of October and nothing much is happening.

It’s not Xmas or New Year’s and we’ve just said goodbye to Summer. That’s why everyone is itching to say Hello to Halloween!

Consumers throughout the UK are spending up big throughout the hype of Halloween. There is a massive turnover for the right items with the right marketing.

Be the buzz of a killer party

There are Halloween parties and events popping up left, right and centre.

It can be tricky to treat the occasion with some clear thinking. Everyone is looking to make the most of the occasion and you can make the most of that growing appetite for Halloween magic.

Here’s a few tips to selling for Halloween:

  1. Don’t throw everything into Halloween

Pick your best chance to market your store or outlet for Halloween by standing out from the crowd. Putting a witch’s hat on every staff member and a pumpkin at the door is going to look like the cheap gimmick it is.

  1. Leave the Halloween outfits to the Costume places

Forget suddenly throwing together a rack of Halloween costumes or masks. Are you ready to go through all the Ins & Outs of hiring out costumes? It’s more complicated than it looks.

  1. Go with a few choice Halloween items

No need to turn your store upside down for Halloween and risk losing your loyal customers. It can be easy to go too far and people to think your place has changed hands and your original store went out of business.

  1. Keep it simple

Think of something easy to sell and stock that won’t sit on your shelves wasting valuable shop space. Your Halloween items need to fit in with the style of your store and not be a shock to the system.

The power of Halloween lenses

Now, if you’re a retailer, you want to get a piece of the Halloween market.

Maybe you run a hairdressing or beauty salon, a fashion outlet, accessories store or even a Pharmacy that could do with a sales boost.

That’s where coloured contacts for Halloween come into the equation.

Halloween contact lenses, for the UK?

You better believe these are some of the biggest selling items in a £420 million pot of gold.

This could be your chance to dip your foot into that huge pool of money rather than dive headlong into a huge outlay on an untried enterprise.

The Halloween contacts the UK is all talking about

There’s a growing demand for special Halloween outfits. That’s why the suppliers of the best Halloween contacts for the UK market are growing every year.

The name to remember is MesmerEyez Wholesale. They give you your best chance to get started in the Halloween scene. Coloured contact lenses for Halloween are such a strong selling item. It’s the perfect impulse buy and the perfect way to increase your turnover.

A UK Hit

With Halloween contact lenses from MesmerEyez Wholesale in your store, you’ll be selling a true British brand made with a British quality.

The price is the winning ingredient. How does 100% mark-up suit you?

Making more at Halloween is made easy

All you have to do is contact MesmerEyez Wholesale and get the ball rolling.

  • Order the stock of your choice
  • Stock your new display stand with MesmerEyez Wholesale lenses
  • Put your display at a high traffic area (near the counter is always a strong point)
  • Watch the sales start ticking over in no time you’re getting the best of the best.

Yes, it really is that easy.

You can order a full collection or a set selection of Halloween contacts.

The range includes almost every Halloween look you can think of. There’s everything from an Alien to a Gremlin, a Devil to a Golden Vampire, even a Hell Raiser and special Blind contacts too.

The list goes on and the sales will go off the radar! Get your profits skyrocketing with the best Halloween contacts in the UK.

Start your extra revenue rolling. Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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