Why Black Out Contact Lenses are Always Selling Out

Want to make more money - start selling Black contact lenses

In case you haven’t heard or you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Halloween sales in Britain are huge.

From costumes to coloured contact lenses, there’s a whole pot of money going around.

It’s the dressing up frenzy where the big cash is being splashed and Halloween contact lenses are a phenomenon all their own.

One of the biggest selling items are Black Out contact lenses.

Why? Because they have a supernatural and fantastic freaky effect all their own.

There’s nothing like looking into a pair of totally blacked out eyes.

These send shivers down the spine of anyone who catches the shortest glimpse.

Eye poppingly popular

Whether people are searching Black Out contact lenses or blackout contacts, whatever the spelling it only means one thing – there is a whole heap of customers looking to get the extra edge on their Halloween costume.

The freak-out factor comes from how these special black contact lenses cover the whole eye. There’s not a peep of real eye colour coming through to the viewer. No wonder people shift themselves (from side to side) when they see blackout contacts staring back at them.

These kooky lenses are one of the biggest hits at Halloween so why aren’t you selling them?

Taking stock of Halloween in the UK

Here’s a few facts to show you just how big the turnover is at Halloween in the UK.

  • More than 50% of consumers made Halloween purchases
  • Over 2 and half million pumpkins will be sold across the UK
  • More than 166 million pounds will be spent on costumes

Retail analysts point out that for retailers to attract Halloween shoppers, the emphasis needs to be on value for money. This was the key driver of consumer choice for Halloween clothing & costume products. An increasing concern was quality, particularly regarding health & safety factors.

The last thing customers wanted was to go through the nightmare of injury, infections or a long and drawn-out dispute in order to get a refund.

How big is the Halloween money pot?

Halloween has gone from strength to strength as a retail boom for a variety of stores across every corner of the UK.

Not exactly sure how much we are talking about here? How does over a £420 million grab you!

With the increase in Halloween parties, festivals and events come an increase in the demand for something special. Everyone who is getting on the bandwagon is looking for a way to stand out from the growing crowd.

A little Halloween sales magic

Is it any wonder that every retailer worth their weight is trying to find a way to get a little edge on their competitors?

That’s where Halloween coloured contacts stand head and shoulders above other products.

The benefits of having a stock of quality Halloween lenses are straight forward.

  1. Take up a small amount of valuable storage space
  2. Can be set up easily in any key store position in their own display stand
  3. Our light-weight and require no heavy lifting or hefty shipping costs
  4. Come in a variety of colours and shades
  5. Proven to be the perfect impulse buy

Finding a trusted supplier of quality Halloween contacts is the only problem.

Why MesmerEyez Wholesale leads the way

There are a whole list of suppliers selling all sorts of Halloween contacts, from white to black contact lenses and a myriad of coloured contacts of differing standards.

The most reputable and reliable are few and far between.

When you’re looking to get into selling Halloween contacts, don’t go with just anyone. It’s better to go with a UK supplier who sells EU approved quality coloured contact lenses.

That’s MesmerEyez Wholesale.

As the leader in Halloween contact lenses, we know the market better than anyone.

You get the bonus of selling only the top brands at a great price.

Short and sweet

There’s no long, hard road to selling the top Halloween contacts.

MesmerEyez Wholesale makes it easy

  • Just contact us and order the stock you like
  • Fill the display stand with your new Halloween lenses
  • Put up your display in a high traffic area
  • Watch the Halloween sales start ticking over (and over again)

There is huge Halloween money to be made.

The quality range includes incredible Halloween looks. From Black Out contact lenses to Beasts and Vampires, there’s Satanic Red to Human Skin. These kooky and creepy contacts are just some of the amazing collection to choose from.

Ready to get your Halloween sales rolling? Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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