Why is Everyone Buying Halloween Contact Lenses in the UK?

And why aren’t you selling Halloween contacts?

You might be one of those people who think Halloween has no place in Britain. (It started here)

You might be someone who thinks it’s the ‘Americanisation’ of British life. (It’s actually Irish)

You might be sadly mistaken about how popular Halloween is in the UK. (It’s huge)

It wouldn’t matter much if you had no idea that Halloween has become a £420 million bonanza!

It should matter if you could sell the perfect impulse buy from your store with little to no effort. We’re talking about Halloween contacts here.

It might be no big deal to miss out on the parties, events and Halloween festivities. It’s a big deal to waste your chance to make some serious sales as a retailer. There is some big money to be made.

Scarily big turnover

Halloween in the UK is going from strength to strength. Sales of Halloween related products have proven to be a winner but there’s nothing like the success of selling Halloween contact lenses in the UK.

There’s a growing trend to head out for Halloween and go all out on a costume for the occasion.

That’s where Halloween contacts make all the difference to party goers.

Any chance to stand out from the crowd is one that consumers are dying to snap up. That’s why a pair (or two) of special contact lenses for Halloween are so sought after.

Halloween is an event not to be missed

You wouldn’t close your store around Xmas because it’s going to get too busy.

It’s the same thing for Halloween. The only difference is that it’s easy to be a part of the action.

There are massive promotions on for Halloween throughout the UK.

From London to Bournemouth, Manchester to Blackpool, there’s a Halloween promotions and special events on almost everywhere, like:

  • Thriller – the UK’s biggest Halloween festival and
  • Starsounds UK Annual Halloween Party
  • Special Haunted Castles (like Warwick Castle)
  • Twisted Circus Halloween Festival and more

Think people aren’t going to dress up big time for big events like those? Anyone who is anyone is itching to get their hands on something as cool as Halloween contacts.

A wickedly wise sales choice

If you’re running a hair or beauty salon, cosmetics or accessories outlet, fashion store or even a Pharmacy – you could be looking at a massive sales boost with the right Halloween stock.

Not sure if Halloween contact lenses for UK customers will sell that well. Trust us, these are the perfect addition to your store window or to have displayed at the cash counter.

You’d have to go a long way to find a better impulse buy and most of the Halloween hype and marketing is being done all around you – for free!

It’s time to grab your slice of the Halloween sales pie.

The UK’s finest contacts are yours to sell

What’s the special thing about Halloween contacts from MesmerEyez Wholesale? They’re a quality British brand made in accordance with strict EU standards. You can rest assured you’re selling a quality product.

Need to hear more? How does 100% mark-up sound?

The other great thing about selling Halloween contacts from the MesmerEyez Wholesale stable is how easy they make it for you to start reaping the rewards.

Making extra sales at Halloween is simple

All you have to do is contact MesmerEyez Wholesale and you’ll set the ball in motion.

  • You can order the stock you like
  • Stock your new display stand with your choice of MesmerEyez Wholesale lenses
  • Set up your display at a high traffic area (near the counter is always good)
  • Watch the sales start ticking over in no time at all.

It’s a no stress, no messing around, no-brainer when it comes to making huge Halloween sales.

The range includes almost every Halloween look you can think of. There’s everything from special Vampire and Devil lenses as well as a range of special Blind contacts that will blow people’s minds.

The choices go on and on and so will your sales – like a runaway train that’s hard to keep track of.

Here’s your key chance to unlock some serious profits with the best Halloween contact lenses in the UK.

Ready to get your sales going? Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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