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Hell Raiser
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Full Sclera Black
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Mini Sclera Black
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Blind Black
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Purple Glaze
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XtremeEyez Black Halloween Contacts for wholesale. The plain black lenses overlay the natural base to create a dark look. Suitable for dark and light eyes. Available in 1 day1 Month3 Months and 12 Month Disposable.  Perfect to retail in fancy dress shops, Halloween shops, salons etc .


The power of black contact lenses

Once you try contact lenses that are black – you never look back.

With all sorts of freaky lenses around these days, is there anything as powerful as black contacts? You can go creepy, kooky or choose the heart-stopping killer option of black Sclera contact lenses.

There’s a whole variety of black lenses that will scare the pants off anyone. 
Talk about a winning ticket for Best Dressed at any Halloween or Fancy Dress. With one of these great pairs of black contact lenses, you’re sure to make your mark.

The light side of Darkness

Almost anyone can have fun wearing black contact lenses. It’s a cheeky way to blow people away. You gotta love seeing someone jump back, hear them shriek or go all white at seeing your black eyes for the first time. Black eye contacts have a power all their own.

Just think how mind-blowing a pair of black contact lenses can make a fancy dress costume. Any vampire or zombie outfit suddenly becomes a heart-stopping winner. There’s no scary creature or spooky look that doesn’t go off the scale with the right black lenses.

Not just one black in the mix

There’s a feast of beastly blacks that you can choose from at MesmerEyez Wholesale.

Of course, there’s the show-stopping black Sclera contact lenses that include the full and mini Sclera versions – as well as the Possessed, Dielated and Sinister Black & White looks. 

It’s enough to give you the shivers just thinking about them, let alone seeing them with your own eyes. What about seeing them IN your own eyes? You can go all out with the freak-out factor. Here’s your chance to make one hell of an entry at any party or event.

Whether it’s black Sclera contact lenses or Xtreme Eyes, MesmerEyez or MesmerGlow contacts – you should know you’re going to get a load of attention.

The whole range of black contacts is available in; 

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • and 12 Month disposables.

That means you have every event and party covered if you want to. 

If you like the idea of selling the best black contact lenses around, then we have you covered.

Black contacts are a white hot selling item

Here’s your big chance to get a big earner working for you with the minimum of fuss.

Whether it’s the whole black contact range or something specific like the black Sclera contact lenses or selections from the Halloween collection, you can be making more from these amazing lenses.

It’s the perfect impulse buy for any Hair or Beauty Salon, Cosmetics store, Fashion accessories outlet or Pharmacy. 

One look is all it takes for the customers to be hooked on the power of coloured contact lenses.

Starting Point for better profits 

The great thing about the incredible MesmerEyez Wholesale stock is how little of your valuable store space it will take up and how easy it is to get started.

All you need is to order your Starter Pack and you’re on your way to raking it in. 

Do we mean what we say about backing our top quality coloured contacts? You bet we do!

You get the magic of a rock solid 100% margin and the back-up of having;

  • FREE Marketing material with all orders.
  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250.
  • FREE Swap service – (swap any colour for another at any time, no extra cost)
  • From a true British Brand, British Quality that’s European Certified.

In case that’s not enough for you, how about the special MesmerEyez Wholesale offer of a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any reason with your first order!

Stop second guessing yourself and take the first step to better earnings. 

Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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