Why Whiteout Contact Lenses Are A White Hot Winning Item

Why Whiteout Contact Lenses Are A White Hot Winning Item

Do yourself a wicked favour and get quality wholesale white out contacts

Putting together a fantastic fancy dress costume that will amaze is all the rage. This is where special coloured contacts make all the difference.

There’s almost no end to how many fancy dress parties someone can be invited to – and that’s not just Halloween either. That’s why it makes sense to bulk buy White Out lenses

Anyone who’s anyone is looking for a winning edge when it comes to a fancy dress outfit. 

The heat is on to beat the other guests for Best Dressed. It’s getting to the point that some people are planning their Halloween outfit a year ahead. 


The Halloween Hype Keeps Growing

In the last few years, Halloween parties grown in popularity and they’ve become more elaborate. 

Forget the old days of cutting a couple of holes in a white bed sheet and then throwing it over the head for a Ghost outfit. 

These days it’s all about taking the time and effort to create the full package. Halloween lenses are a key to the success of any costume and nothing does it better than whiteout contact lenses.

It’s scary just how powerful and popular they are.

Why Whiteout contact lenses work

There’s something special about the freak out effect of whiteout lenses. 

No-one expects to see a pair of white eyes looking back at them. Is it any surprise that the effect is one of shock? 

  1. The colour of the eye is washed out into a full white with a black iris – freaky!
  2. Whiteout contact lenses have been a horror film winner since the 60’s
  3. Anyone who wants to look possessed almost HAS to have whiteout eyes
  4. The freakiest coloured contacts are either all black or whiteout contact lenses

The chance to take any horror or wicked looking outfit to the next level is easy with these freak out contacts working their magic.

Why wholesale white out contacts make sense

The thing about the best coloured contacts is that people want to wear them on more than one occasion. With multiple invitations to dress up right across the Halloween and New Year periods, it makes sense to bulk buy white out lenses.

It makes even more sense if you are looking to sell not just a red hot product, but a white hot item. Coloured contact lenses are the perfect impulse buy and whiteout contact lenses are top of the list.

You can ride the wave of the still growing popularity and make a real splash in the profit stakes.

These are the coloured lenses that will work wonders for you all year round. If you own or run any of these businesses, then you’d be mad to miss out on making more for your store. The list includes;

  • Beauty and Hair salons
  • Pharmacies
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Accessories stores
  • Novelty and Gift Shops

It’s not hard to see why these coloured contacts will be flying out the door.

Where do you find the best coloured lenses?

Trying to get your hands on the top coloured contacts is easier than you think.

You can get everything from wholesale white out contacts to a full range of Halloween and Natural coloured lenses from the most trusted name.

MesmerEyez Wholesale have you covered with all the best brands.

, You can’t go past MesmerEyez lenses when it comes to quality;

  • A true and trusted UK brand
  • Made in strict accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • 45% water content to keep eyes fresh and hydrated
  • European CE marked
  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline

It’s pretty clear why MesmerEyez Wholesale have such a great reputation.

Get your profits rolling in

One of the best things about coloured contacts from MesmerEyez Wholesale is the convenience.

First off, they take up hardly any space in your store and you get the huge 100% sales mark-up.

All you have to do to get these coloured contacts working for you is to get in touch with the MesmerEyez Wholesale team then order your own Starter Pack. 

This is where you’ll be sent a special selection of the top-selling stock that comes with free Marketing Material and your very own display stand. To back it all up - there’s a Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy. 

Whether it’s wholesale white out contacts, black, Halloween or the long list of Natural lenses, you can make it happen. Choose from 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month or Yearly coloured contacts – there’s no need to just dream of selling the top coloured contacts. 

See your sales soaring from tomorrow. Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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