See The Power Of Blind Contact Lenses For Yourself

See The Power Of Blind Contact Lenses For Yourself

Why Blind Contact Lenses are one of the hottest sellers around the world

We’ve all been told to look at someone in the eye if you want to talk to them.

What if you were told that you will probably scream your lungs out when you saw someone with truly freak eyes? Well, say Hello to the freakiest of all eyes – that’s Blind contact lenses.

The power to frighten the hell out of someone is scary with these spooky contacts. The special thing about blind contact lenses is that behind those eyes there seems to be no-one there. That’s shockingly good for a fancy dress outfit.

Pushing the Fancy Dress fun to the limit

The whole point of dressing up for a costume party is in the name – Costume. 

No-one wants to go to a fancy dress and be wearing what someone else is wearing. It always seems like a waste of time to have gone to all the trouble of creating a winning outfit only to be looked at as a copycat or second best.

That’s the great thing about blind contact lenses

No matter what devilish character you’ve chosen or kooky costume you’ve chosen to wear, a pair of blind contact lenses will take your look to a whole new level.

Now – who is going to remember which of the two vampires, zombies or demons? That’s right! The one with the freaky blind contacts.

It’s just one reason why these are the Go To contacts for Halloween and costume party outfits.

See how far a costume can go

The thing about blind contact lenses is the variety.

Gone are the days of just the horror film classic style of all black or whiteout contacts. These days the selection gets seriously spooky with looks like;

  • The lunatic look of Blind Rage
  • Awesome Blind After Life
  • Blind Alien that’s out of this world 
  • Freaky Blind Vampire 
  • Blind Walking Dead

Plus a super selection of other super shockers that can make hearts jump with one look.

Today’s collection of blind contact lenses is enough to boggle the mind. These are the answer to the prayers of anyone looking for a special edge for their fancy dress costume.

The Easiest Way to stand out from the crowd

There’s no point letting the costume do all the work when it comes to dressing up.

It’s the little things that matter most.

That’s why popping in a pair of blind contact lenses for a full on freaky outfit works so well. 

What started out as a crazy looking alternative to the usual coloured contacts became a winning way to look all the more awesome. 

Putting a great outfit on and adding some fake blood, a little liquid latex magic, even a scab can do wonders for someone. It’s the finishing touch of the perfect set of blind contact lenses that puts them in line for Best Dressed at whatever party they go to. 

Selling the top selling blind lenses

Now you can see why there’s such a demand for blind contact lenses, why not get them working for you and your store?

Maybe you’re not sure if they stack up to all the standards. Here’s just a few reasons why they do;

  1. The ultimate in an impulse buy
  2. Eye catching in every sense
  3. Made in strict accordance with EU Quality guidelines
  4. Easy and comfortable to wear with a 45% water content
  5. Safely packaged in special sterile buffered isotonic saline

Starting to see just how well these little wonders can sell? 

It won’t take long till you see your stock of coloured contacts flying out the door. Then there’s the back up that comes with ordering the best coloured lenses around.

The difference of MesmerEyez Wholesale

There are a number of coloured contact lenses around these days. 

There’s only one name that give you the best in quality and backs it up with the very best in customer service.

MesmerEyez Wholesale gives you the chance to sell the top line in coloured lenses with the assurance of a Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy with your first order.

All you need to do to get the ball rolling is order your special Starter Pack which includes:

  • A super selection of the latest top-selling stock
  • Free Marketing Material
  • A special display stand 
  • Free Swap service where you can swap any colour for a more popular one

That’s any time and at no extra charge.

  • A 100% margin 

You don’t need to look anywhere else for the best in Natural, Cosmetic, Halloween and specialty items like blind contact lenses – it all starts with MesmerEyez Wholesale.

With a huge range of cutting edge colours and designs, your fashion store, beauty or hair salon, even a pharmacy or gift shop can be powering up the profits with these great coloured contacts.

You can make it all happen now. Just contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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