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Blind Black
Blind Black Sale priceFrom £4.99
Blind Bloodshot Drops
Blind Bloodshot Drops Sale priceFrom £4.99
Blind Grey
Blind Grey Sale priceFrom £4.99
Blind Red
Blind Red Sale priceFrom £4.99
Blind White
Blind White Sale priceFrom £4.99

It’s easy to see why Blind contact lenses are eye popping, jaw dropping, heart stopping wonders.

A dead-set way to get a sensational Halloween look. They’re the perfect party costume too. The best part is they will sell like hotcakes!

The top looks in blind contact lenses start here and now. Check out the range that will derange and delight your customers and their friends.

There’s everything to get everyone looking at and talking about them and those eyes.

The kooky, spooky blind looks include:

The freak-out fun never stops.

There’s a whole range of other colours to enjoy, from blue, red, grey and green to vampire eyes and the walking dead. Spine tingling sensations that are all yours.

Open the mind to one of the freakiest fun looks around! Blind contact lenses almost defy the senses. Don’t get left behind – the best blind contacts are right here for you to start selling at MesmerEyez Wholesale.

The chilling effect they’ll have feels so super cool. They’ll be the hottest dressed party guest with their Blind contact lenses in. Select from the comprehensive range and they can go for something suitably strange and be back for more!

Halloween and Beyond

Customers can forget about all the second-guessing themselves and their costume for Halloween or a fancy dress. With their new blind contact lenses in, they’ll be the one that people remember.

It’s a fun, fresh way to start a conversation and all the talk is about those contacts.

Oh, and they will be hearing things like – “Where do you get that killer look?” “I love your eyes”

It’s not something to just fob it off, they’ll lap it up. It’s what Halloween and parties are all about. Freak up and freak out! And they’ll all be talking about your store.

Everyone knows there is another side to them so this is their chance to let it out and set it free. It can all start happening with your magic mix of Blind contact lenses from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

The best thing about Blind contact lenses

Yes, they look fantastically freaky, but blind contact lenses are safe and easy to use.

They’re made in the UK under strict ISO International Standards of quality control.

With your new stock of blind contact lenses from MesmerEyez Wholesale, there’s a new you for everyone just waiting to be let loose. Tell them to hold on tight for a great night out.

How long do blind contact lenses last?

The best part is blind contact lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours. That’s a lot of partying.

The range of lenses come in a choice of: 1 day, 1 month, 3 month or Yearly contacts.

Naturally, they come in pairs and customers can even get to purchase a solution care kit so they won’t have any problems keeping that striking look shining on for as long as they want it.

What are you waiting for?

MesmerEyez Wholesale has an incredible range of blind contact lenses ready to roll for you and your store. Right here – right now!

It’s the easiest way to get a big bite of the Halloween and fancy dress pie. The market is always buzzing with what great new looks are out there. Get them in store now and make more out of each and every client who walks through your door.

Your customers will love you and you’ll love the extra profits. Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today and see the difference yourself.

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