Make More From Your Store When You Buy Coloured Contacts Wholesale

Make More From Your Store When You Buy Coloured Contacts Wholesale

What’s the easiest way to power up your profits and sell more products?

The answer is simple - Buy coloured contacts wholesale 

Every business owner wants to make more profit. Sometimes it seems like a hard road.

What if there was a small item that took up little of your precious space and had a high turnover rate and even higher margins? There is.

When you buy coloured contacts wholesale, you have a top selling quality product that offers a massive 100% margin. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is. Let’s take you through how it works and how it can work wonders for you.

The popularity of coloured contacts

First up, coloured contact lenses are a billion dollar market world-wide. That’s millions of pounds in the UK being spent on pairs of coloured contacts and the number is growing.

What started out as a specialty item in the film industry, then found its way into advertising and popular music. These days almost anyone can wear a pair of coloured contacts whenever they feel like it and the demand for new lenses is growing by the day.

These days, it’s easier than ever to transform your appearance and coloured lenses are a key ingredient in that evolution.

The fad that became a whole fashion industry of its own

When people first started wearing coloured contact lenses, there was the thought the UK and the rest of the world was in the grips of just another passing fad.

Then the industry started making quality coloured contacts and diversified the looks.

Almost overnight, the standard blue or brown colours had special shades that were added to each week. A simple blue coloured lens could now be anything from;

  • light, 
  • dark, 
  • rich, 
  • soft,
  • or have subtle hints of other tints within it. 

Suddenly there was blue-green, aqua, even turquoise, topaz and jade.

It went from strength to strength across the full colour spectrum.

Then came the party crowds and the whole world of coloured contacts exploded.

Hello Halloween - it’s party time

Not many people saw the popularity of Halloween, cosplay and the return of fancy dress as a world-wide phenomenon.

Although originally a Celtic festivity, Halloween was thought to be a U.S. celebration that would never really catch on outside its borders.

The younger generations quickly found the fun to be contagious. Soon teenagers and young adults were getting more elaborate with their costumes and forever looking for a winning edge. That’s where Halloween coloured contacts made a huge impact.

Any vampire, devil, zombie or witch could be all the more impressive with the right set of contacts. Word spread and the craze for coloured contacts was well underway.

Festivals and beyond

Next up for tracking down a set of coloured lenses was the music and fashion festivals. 

Why be limited with your outfit if you could add a spark of inspiration with a magic pair of coloured lenses? People were all the more hungry for different and unusual colours in their contacts and the market responded.

Nowadays, there’s no end to where people will wear their coloured lenses. 

Any party or get-together is a chance to show off a new eye colour and it helps make an eye-catching social media profile. 

Everyone has the chance to change their look and transform themselves – even on a daily basis. There’s no stopping this fashion train.

The other demand in coloured contacts

One thing that customers want from their coloured contacts is a quality guarantee and the service to back it up.

Some shonky businesses rushed to bring their inferior contacts on the market. Consumers learnt quickly and now ask for quality controls and more transparent dealings with suppliers, especially online.

That’s where MesmerEyez Wholesale became a stand out name. 

The advantages were clear and simple: 

  1. The UK’s most trusted brand
  2. Offers EU quality certification
  3. Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
  4. High water content for up to 8 hours wear
  5. Backed by a multi-award winning company

That’s where you come into the success story.

The MesmerEyez Wholesale Difference

You can be selling the best of the best when you buy coloured contacts wholesale from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

Whether it’s the newest in Natural Colours or the latest in Halloween Contacts, MesmerEyez Wholesale gives you the chance to make some serious profit without doing all the hard work. 

You’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it before. Here’s a top selling quality product that is the perfect impulse buy just sitting happily in your fashion outlet, cosmetics store, pharmacy, hair, beauty or nail salon. It’s the simplest way to make more of your store.

Get your Starter Pack on its way - there’s almost no end to the profit making potential.

Make it happen now with help from MesmerEyez Wholesale

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