The Wicked Wholesale Halloween Contact Lenses Uk Party Goers Go Nuts For

The Wicked Wholesale Halloween Contact Lenses Uk Party Goers Go Nuts For

There’s a whole world of great looks with wholesale Halloween contact lenses

Everyone heading to a fancy dress is asking themselves where to find the next great pair of Halloween contacts. Changing into a character is one thing, but making a full transformation is the ultimate. 

That’s the whole point of getting the wholesale Halloween contact lenses UK fancy dressers love.

There’s almost no point heading out without a pair of wickedly wonderful coloured contacts in. It’s become the only ‘Must Have’ item when it comes to any fancy dress costume.

With the hunger for great coloured contacts comes the need for the market to respond with more inventive and inviting looks.

The Halloween and Fancy Dress explosion 

In case you were wondering if fancy dress parties had died and Halloween was just a passing fad, you’re wrong on so many levels.

Halloween has quickly turned into a billion dollar market with millions of pounds being spent on coloured contact lenses throughout the party season.

There’s no sign of the market dropping off and, if anything, the popularity is only going to get stronger. With events around the world in constant fluctuation, the need for a bit of harmless fun and escapism like Halloween and fancy dress parties makes for a happy distraction.

It wasn’t that long ago that Halloween would only last the one big weekend, but now it fills the calendar for a month or more. It even inspires dressing up throughout the Xmas and New Year period with parties going off left, right and centre.

That’s just another reason for the demand for wholesale Halloween contact lenses UK wide.

The Wish for a Wider Range

The humble coloured contacts once began as a specialty item for film and television characters. It’s evolved and extended to the world of advertising, music and right across the internet. 

If there’s a new set of lenses out there, then the audience is eager to find them. It’s never more enthusiastically taken up than by the party crowd. It’s all about being the first and being unique. 

When party and festival goers are going all out for Halloween and dressing up, they’re looking for something that is out there. Try these lenses for example and you’ll know something of their power just by the name;

  • Psycho
  • Hell Raiser
  • Wild Cat
  • Blind Wolf
  • Dark Elf
  • Gremlin and more

  • It’s the look these lenses give that give the wearer the extra edge in the Freak Out stakes. No-one wants to be seen wearing something that’s ‘seen it all before’. It makes sense to go the extra mile in getting the most striking lenses possible.

    The Question of Quality

    It’s all fine to find coloured contacts that look good but the demand for good quality is now a must for party goers. An inferior brand of Halloween or Natural coloured contacts won’t last long when word spreads of substandard lenses and shoddy service. 

    Any coloured contacts that don’t come with a quality guarantee are given a miss. If the service doesn’t stack up either, then that’s just a brand or business heading for the scrap heap.

    That’s where MesmerEyez Wholesale offer the best wholesale Halloween contact lenses UK buyers can find. It’s not just the price that is a winning factor, it’s the exceptional standard that wins out.

    Buyers know that MesmerEyez Wholesale offers: 

    1. The UK’s most trusted brand
    2. Full EU quality certification
    3. Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging
    4. High water content so the lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours 
    5. Backed by a team dedicated to customer service excellence

    It doesn’t come better than that.

    Your chance to get in on the Halloween and Fancy Dress action

    You won’t believe how easy it is to be selling the best Halloween contacts on the market.

    MesmerEyez Wholesale makes it dead simple.

    Whether you’re running a fashion outlet, hair, nail or beauty salon, even a cosmetics store, pharmacy or gift shop – get yourself set up with some of the hottest selling range of wholesale Halloween contact lenses the UK has ever seen.

    These are the perfect impulse buy and you have a Money Back Guarantee on your first order – no questions asked.

    Get your Starter Pack happening now – and see the benefits of a massive 100% margin.

    Start your profits rolling in tomorrow and contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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