See Why The World Has Fallen In Love With The Best Blind Contact Lenses

See Why The World Has Fallen In Love With The Best Blind Contact Lenses

Blind contact lenses can give anyone an unforgettable look

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that people everywhere are going crazy for coloured contacts. The range includes almost every shade of natural, fashionable and freaky, strange and stunning lenses imaginable.

Then there’s a special selection that is all the rage. It’s the weird and wonderful blind contact lenses.

Blind contact lenses

What in the world? You may say, but it’s more ‘out of this world’ than anything when it comes to coloured contacts.

Anyone who is looking for an extra edge in a jaw-dropping style or just to add a cheeky bit of shock value in their look will find it in blind contacts. It’s a guaranteed freak out effect whenever and whoever is wearing them. 

No wonder everyone is falling for these little wonders.

Finding the freakout factor for any Fancy Dress Costume 

When it comes to making sure you have a seriously good fancy dress outfit, you can’t go wrong with using the power of Blind contact lenses. Not sure if they would live up to the hype? 

Let’s take you through the steps and we’re sure you’ll see the light. 

You get that special invitation you’ve been looking forward to for a Fancy Dress or Halloween party.

What are you going to wear? Not the same as last year that’s for sure.

  1. Think outside the box and go as far ‘out there’ with the idea
  2. Choose a seriously shock powered pair of blind contact lenses
  3. Add a special touch of freaky make-up 
  4. Take your outfit for a ‘test-drive’ in front of a trusted friend (or a few)
  5. Take any advice on board or with a grain of salt if you don’t think it suits you

Then you’re all set to look almost unreal and have an unreal time.

How to steal the limelight

If you’re still not sure that a pair of blind contacts is going to do the trick at Halloween or any other costume party, here’s a crystal clear example to consider.

You’re heading to a fancy dress and there will be 40 or more people there. Almost everyone is trying their absolute best to pull off a great outfit. Some will make it and some will fail. You don’t want to be in the group that tried hard and flopped. 

It’s not the end of the world but it can feel like it when your outfit is an outright fizzer. We’ve all heard the dreaded question – “What did you come as?”

That’s where blind contact lenses blow people’s minds and defy the senses. 

There’s just nothing like looking into someone’s face and seeing nothing – and we mean nothing – looking back at them.

Now you’re at that party and you’ve come as a vampire, a Martian or a zombie – you can pick almost anything that’s from another world.

Are you going to be the only vampire, Martian or whatever creepy character at that party? Probably not, BUT, and it’s a big but – you have your special blind contacts in.

Who are people going to think is the Best Dressed of all those freaky party-goers? Yes, YOU!

The choice of freak-out is in your hands 

It can be a bit daunting dressing up, especially if it’s for Halloween or New Year’s Eve and a birthday fancy dress theme.

Just remember you can get an unforgettable look with a simple pair of blind contact lenses. They can even inspire you to create a seriously sensational costume.

Imagine what you could do with something like a set of these;

The list goes on, but the inspiration is off the scales.

Everybody will want to know how you put that sensational costume together and where you got ‘those amazing eyes’. Everyone will be talking about your blind contacts and your winning outfit.

Where to find that winning edge

Grab a bit of the limelight and come out of your shell. Maybe you’re someone who wants to get your hands on a range of great coloured contacts to sell.

That’s where MesmerEyez Wholesale comes into it.

There’s a few places out there that claim to have quality coloured contact lenses. There’s only one name that offers the best of the best in everything from Natural, Halloween, special fashion lenses and fantastic blind contact lenses – that’s MesmerEyez Wholesale.

Great coloured contacts at a great price.

With MesmerEyez Wholesale, you will always know you are buying UK made and EU quality certified contact lenses – all backed by an award-winning team.

The Magic of MesmerEyez 

As a market leader, MesmerEyez Wholesale are always at the cutting edge of innovation and new styles. 

Looking to stock the ultimate in coloured lenses? Get set for a powerful profit earner.

Here‘s your chance to get the perfect impulse buy working for you and your Cosmetics Shop, Fashion accessories outlet, Hair or Beauty Salon or even your Pharmacy. 

How does it all work? You get; 

  • FREE Marketing material with all orders
  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250 
  • 100% Margin & it takes up hardly any valuable store space 
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, for any reason with first order 

And we’ll beat any competitor’s price – just Contact Us and we’ll get it happening.

You’ll soon see how well these top notch coloured contacts can sell.

The best thing is that MesmerEyez Wholesale make it super simple for you.  

Ready to go? Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today.

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