MesmerEyez Starter Pack

MesmerEyez Starter Pack

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What do you get when you start selling your MesmerEyez coloured contact lenses?

First off, you get a really great product. Our coloured lenses sell so well because they’re just great coloured contacts.

Customers look great when they wear them and you’ll feel great as your sales go through the roof.

A Key Thing To Remember

Before you even start with our Starter Pack, don’t worry – we’re here to help you succeed.

Do we back that up? Absolutely! That’s why we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Now you know that we mean what we say about just how good MesmerEyez coloured contacts are.

What You Get

Our Starter Pack is packed with everything you need as a retailer to start selling coloured contact lenses. The Pac includes: a full colour poster, handy leaflets and a special Point Of Sale counter stand to show off your MesmerEyez products in the best possible way.

You immediately see just how amazing your MesmerEyez range will look in your store. Whether it’s a cosmetics shop, beauty salon, gift shop, pharmacy or fancy dress shop – you’ll soon see how you’re on a winner from day one.

Each Starter Pack has a top selection of the best-selling colours ready to go. It’s the perfect start so you can sit back and watch the sales rolling in.

Goodbye Doubt – You Will Be Selling Out

We’re so confident you will see results that we are happy to put our products to the test.

If, for any reason, you aren’t happy with your MesmerEyez contacts – we’ll give you your money back! No ifs, no buts, no special conditions. A Money Back Guarantee - End of story.

Oh, and remember there’s also our Free Lifetime Swap Service.

What’s that? It means you can swap colours whenever you want, no questions asked!

Start Making More Money

We’re an award winning business that means you can be a winner too!

Get your Starter Pack happening today!

All the free Marketing Material - Posters, Leaflets & Flyers is ready to go. What are you waiting for?

Mesmereyez Wholesale will work for you!

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