How to Become a Wholesale Contact Lens Distributor (A Handy Guide)

Have fun making some serious money. It’s easier than you think.

Ever thought about being a wholesale contact lens distributor?

A Handy Guide to help you see how good it can be

First up, let’s talk about what a wholesaler is.

Wholesalers are usually the maker or manufacture of a certain product. It could be hairbrushes, coffee cups or – in this case – contact lenses.

They sell their products for a lower price because they are selling in large amounts (bulk). Selling in bulk reduces the handling time and costs.

So a wholesale contact lens distributor is someone who is lucky enough to have a wholesaler send them their product (e.g. contact lenses) which they then sell to the customer.

An example

You have a beauty or hair salon and you would like to make a little extra money wherever you can. You get the chance to sell quality coloured contact lenses. The wholesaler sends you all the promotional material you need and you set up a little stand in your reception area.

You stock the display stand with coloured contacts and wholesale Halloween contact lenses. Customers have a look at the product and grab a brochure while they’re waiting.

They get their hair done and are happy with the look. As they are paying, they see the wholesale halloween contact lenses again and ask about the price?

Surprised at how cheap they are, the customer buys a pair.

Now, this doesn’t happen just once – you are seeing it happen every day.

Let’s say your salon is open 6 days a week and you sell just one pair every weekday and three pairs on a Saturday. That’s very conservative, but you’ve just sold eleven pairs of contacts without doing anything but set up the display.

Now – and this is the best part about being a wholesale contact lens distributor – those customers wear those lenses and people are asking them “Where did you get those?” It’s your store, your name that is suddenly on everyone’s lips. We all know how powerful word-of-mouth is – well, you’ve just got it working overtime for you.

The next week you sell twice as much and there’s twice as many people wearing your lenses.

It’s not rocket science to see how well your stock of contacts can sell. It’s simple to see how easy it is to become a pretty successful wholesale contact lens distributor in a pretty short space of time.

A word of warning

There are a few wholesalers out there who are happy to sign you up and take your money but don’t deliver on their promises.

It always pays to do a bit of research before you pay for anything.

Ask yourself: 

  • Are they a reputable company? (check real reviews)
  • Is the website safe for things like payment and your details?
  • Is there any guarantee on what they offer?
  • Are you able to contact them if you have a problem?
  • Is there a refund if you’re not happy?

You shouldn’t have to get a lawyer to read some 80 page PDF of the Terms & Conditions of becoming a wholesale contact lens distributor. It should be straight forward and fairly simple to get started. Just remember the REFUND policy.

Finding a top quality product from a top selling brand is a great start.

The MesmerEyez Wholesale difference

There’s a great way to get started as a wholesale contact lens distributor.

With quality coloured contact lenses from Mesmereyez Wholesale UK  you will see how you can turn a tidy profit in no time at all.

More money for less work

When you partner with MesmerEyez Wholesale you get the backing of an award winning business. We are happy to share our success and help you make more without having to work more!

Our quality products speak for themselves.

All you need is a Starter Pack to get things rolling. It comes chock-full of free Marketing Material - Posters, Leaflets & Flyers so you are already to go.

You just set up your new stock in the special MesmerEyez display stand then sit back and watch the money roll in. Hello! You’re on the road to becoming a successful wholesale contact lens distributor.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but we back up our reputation with a 100% guarantee. So if, and it’s a big IF, you aren’t happy we’ll refund your money. It’s our promise to you.

How can we say that? Because we’re sure you’re going to love it.

Mesmereyez Wholesale – a look at a brighter future

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