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MesmerEyez in Guild News

In the May 2013 edition of the Guild News, the leading beauty trade publication in UK, the beauty trends during fashion week were featured. They looked at which designer collaborated with what beauty company and what brands and trends were used on the runway models. OPI was a popular pick for nails, especially at the New York Fashion Week and a few different designers such as Karen Walker and Lauren Moffatt, used OPIs colours on their models’ nails.The big trend in make-up seemed to be a fresh dewy skin as seen on models in both London and New York fashion shows. At London Fashion Week, Beautiful Souls used our blue coloured contacts on their models to capture the essence of an ”English rose”, which suits the English appeal of the brand.

The designer and founder of Beautiful Souls, Nicola Woods, said she was delighted to have worked with MesmerEyez and that our vibrant coloured contact lenses worked really well on their models. While we are not surprised to hear from another satisfied customer, we are very happy and proud that MesmerEyez contact lenses are used for an event as huge as London Fashion Week. If you haven’t tried our contact lenses yet, it’s about time you find out what the fuss is all about! We have colours that will suit everyone's taste, from subtle changes and lenses that blend with your own eye colour, to intense colours that will give you a whole new look. We hope you find something you like and your customers about what to wear!


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