How to Make Yours the Happiest Halloween (A Business Guide)


Let’s face it, years ago Halloween was just as a little bit of between certain friends. A bit of an excuse to have a party.

These days almost everyone is in on the fun and the dressing up factor is going through the roof!

Costume Hire is booming. There’s queues to get to the hairdressers who can do the freakiest hair-dos.

There’s even amazing freak out coloured contact lenses.

And the money that is being splashed around would fill the English Channel.

What are you doing to get a ticket on this gravy train?

You could put out a special Halloween price alert or cut a few percent off the usual stock.

Is that going to make a big difference? Probably not.

You need more than a gimmick to service this growing market.

How much does the UK spend on Halloween?

According to research firm, Statista - UK consumers spent 400 million British pounds on Halloween products. This amount rose to just under 420 million pounds last year.

Hello? 420 million pounds! Now that’s a pretty sweet pie.

That’s where you can get a special slice of it.

Get a big cut for a small outlay by getting Halloween contacts wholesale.

Getting your share of the sweets

And how does having Halloween contacts wholesale stock work for your retail outlet?

It’s pretty simple and you’ll be sitting pretty as you watch the Halloween contact lenses walk out your door.

Let’s say you are a Beauty or Hair Salon, a Cosmetics store, a pharmacy or maybe you sell fashion accessories.

Maybe you can do some Halloween looks in your beauty salon. Maybe you can do some of those freaky hair-dos we mentioned earlier if you’re a hairdresser. You might stock a few things that are a little bit Halloweeny in your pharmacy and add a few creep out things as far as fashion accessories goes.

You’re not going to make a whole lot out of selling fake spider webs and cheap witches hats.

What if there was something small and easy to sell that added value to what you do?
What if it didn’t cost the earth and the sales were out of this world?

That’s where your Halloween contacts wholesale stock makes a whole lot of sense.

How Halloween Contacts wholesale can work for you

If you’re running a business already, you’ve got limited time to start a whole new enterprise.

Hopefully you’re pretty damn busy already so whatever new addition you make to your stock and your store needs to take minimal effort but make a maximum turnover.

That’s exactly what some Halloween Contacts wholesale stock can mean for you.

All you need to do is set up a small stand in a prominent place, stock it with your choice of Halloween coloured contacts and watch the fun of Halloween goers deliver you some serious profit.

How minimal is the effort?

Forget about spending a truckload as far as outlay goes.

With MesmerEyez Wholesale you get everything you need to get your show rolling: 

  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250.
  • FREE Marketing material with all orders.
  • FREE Swap service – (where you can swap any colour for a more popular one at any time, no extra charge)
  • 100% Margin and it all takes so little space but capture so much attention.

It’s the perfect impulse buy for customers in your store.

Just think, anyone getting some supplies for their Halloween outing or looking for something to add to that new hair-do, make-up job or costume accessory is going to love Halloween contact lenses.

It’s no surprise that Halloween lenses sell so well and weeks out from Halloween itself. The best part is, you will be known as THE place to go for special coloured contacts and you can restock for costume parties, Xmas and even change your selection with Naturals and special shades for other times of the year.

A Guaranteed Good Time

MesmerEyez Wholesale contact lenses are such good quality and such good value, we’re sure you and your clients will love them.

Sounds like cheap words? We don’t sell rubbish and we don’t talk it either.

We back up our lenses with a money back offer! No ifs, no buts, no special conditions. A Money Back Guarantee - End of story.

Oh, and remember our Free Lifetime Swap Service.

It’s where you can swap colours whenever you want, no questions asked!

Buzzing to your hot little hands on some of our Halloween Contacts wholesale stock? It’s all here waiting for you. Check out our online store or shoot us a message.

Mesmereyez has Halloween all sorted and you’re invited to the party.

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