Crystal Blue Coloured Contacts


Sold as a pair and available in either 1 Month, 3 Month or 1 Year. Please add solution care kit separately.

Create a new dramatic look with our Intense Crystal Blue Coloured Contacts Lenses. These colour contact lenses will give even the darkest eyes an exciting new bright colour. These cosmetic coloured contact lenses are used in the fashion industry for their undisputed quality and comfort. The Intense Crystal Blue Coloured Contacts are part of an extensive Intense coloured lenses range. The Intense colour lenses are comfortable, light and soft to wear and your eyes will feel hydrated, fresh and comfortable all while you are wearing them.

  • Perfect impulse buy for any Cosmetics Shop, Fashion accessories, Beauty Salon, Pharmacy.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, For any reason with first order!!!
  • 100% Margin & takes very little space.
  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250.
  • FREE Marketing material with all orders.
  • FREE Swap service swap any color for a more popular colour at any time, no extra charge.
  • London Fashion Week, Vogue & Grazia.
  • Beat any competitor’s price, just contact us!
  • Dedicated Account manager, Speak to a real person!
  • SkinSoft & MesmerColour Technology – only MesmerEyez feels like your wearing nothing on your eyes.
  • British Brand, British Quality, European Quality Certified.
  • The UK’s No1 Brand, Multi Award winning Company.

MesmerEyez Crystal Blue contacts – Wholesale magic 

When someone’s looking to change the colour of their eyes, they know the brand to choose is MesmerEyez.

Just look at the magic of Crystal Blue contacts. It’s a captivating crystal colour that’s both subtle and intense. The exhilarating brightness of this blue is just one reason why these coloured lenses are such top sellers.

Available in a choice of 1 month, 3 months or 1 Year, you can now buy Mesmereyez Crystal Blue contacts wholesale. Be a part of one of the fastest growing fashion accessories trends in the world.

Finding the right coloured contact lenses should be easy. That’s why MesmerEyez Wholesale continue to innovate and lead the market.

Whenever someone’s looking for a special shade of blue it’s easy to see that choice is everything. That’s where MesmerEyez stand out. With a quality range of more than 25 different blues to choose from – the perfect blue is right here.

How do you start? First off, get yourself a special Starter Pack. You’ll have the perfect impulse buy in your cosmetics shop, fashion accessories outlet, hair or beauty salon, even your pharmacy.

It’s so easy to set yourself up. You can be selling the UK’s Number One brand from a multi award winning company.

  • Top British Brand, Top British Quality - European Quality Certified. 
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with your first order - for any reason! 
  • 100% Margin and it all takes up such little space. 
  • FREE Marketing Stand available with first order over £250. 
  • FREE Marketing material with all orders. 
  • FREE Swap service - swap any colour for a more popular one at any time, no charge. 
  • SkinSoft & MesmerColour Technology – only MesmerEyez lenses feel like you’re wearing nothing on your eyes. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager - you speak to a real person 
  • Beat any competitor’s price, just contact us 

You can have your stock of amazing lenses, like the Mesmereyez Crystal Blue contacts wholesale wonders ready to go.

This is just the beginning of a great new sales endeavour that will reap huge rewards with a minimum of effort. It’s almost too good to be true, but that’s the magic of MesmerEyez.

Grab your chance to bring in better sales and better profits with wholesale MesmerEyez coloured lenses. Your new stock of MesmerEyez lenses will be walking out the door. 

Start the ball rolling today by contacting us right here.

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