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Orange Werewolf
Orange Werewolf Sale priceFrom £4.99
Purple Glaze
Purple Glaze Sale priceFrom £4.99
Snow Beast
Snow Beast Sale priceFrom £4.99
Twilight Bella
Twilight Bella Sale priceFrom £4.99
Twilight Dawn
Twilight Dawn Sale priceFrom £4.99
Vino Red UV
Vino Red UV Sale priceFrom £5.99
Whiteout Sale priceFrom £4.99
Wild Cat
Wild Cat Sale priceFrom £4.99
Wolf Sale priceFrom £4.99
Zombie Blue
Zombie Blue Sale priceFrom £4.99

The fastest selling 1 Day Halloween Contact Lenses around

There are a number of Halloween contacts around, but there’s only one stand out name when it comes to quality and a great price – MesmerEyez Wholesale.

The popularity of Halloween is growing in the UK every year. It’s now one of the biggest money making periods – to the tune of £420 million pounds!

That’s a turnover that is too big to miss out on.

How can you get in on the Halloween act?

It’s easy to find your way into the growing market for Halloween lenses.

Let’s start with something as basic as special 1 Day Halloween coloured contact lenses.

The customer only wants to wear them for a Halloween party or one-off fancy dress.

They want a great look at a great price – that’s where someone selling quality daily Halloween eye contacts is the answer to their prayers.

That special someone can be YOU!


Stand Out from the Crowd

With something as simple and easy to sell as daily Halloween eye contacts, you will see just how strong the demand is.

You can set yourself up quickly and easily with a great range from MesmerEyez Wholesale.

When you’re running a Beauty or Hair Salon, Fashion accessories outlet, cosmetics store or even a Pharmacy, you’re always looking to give your customers more and more options to buy.

With a top seller at a special time of year - like Halloween lenses - you can make some serious money in a short space of time and benefit from the best word of mouth going around.

Anyone who is getting ready for Halloween is going to think you are Heaven sent when they see you are selling something as simple and fun to wear as part of their costume.

Hello! Your stock of freakily good 1 Day Halloween coloured contact lenses are flying out the door.

They’re the perfect impulse buy and the beauty is that people will spread the word. All of a sudden you’re the talk of the town and anyone after a special Halloween look is heading your way.

The MesmerEyez Wholesale Difference

With Halloween contacts from MesmerEyez Wholesale, you can set aside a small space in your store or salon and sit back and watch those Halloween contact lenses get snapped up.

You can always be sure of the quality. These Halloween lenses are manufactured in the UK and come with a special European seal of approval.

How do I get my hands on some Halloween contact lenses?

Relax – they’re right here at MesmerEyez Wholesale.

We have a wide range of Halloween coloured contact lenses.

There’s special lenses that include unique patterns that overlay the natural base of the eye to create a one-off look for anyone who wears them. You could be selling these beauties – from 1 Day Halloween coloured contact lenses to 1 Month, 3 Months and 12 Month lenses too. 

The perfect addition to any retail store.

So don’t waste any more time when you could be making more money.

Contact MesmerEyez Wholesale today and we’ll help you get things rolling.

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