Where to buy coloured contact lenses wholesale

You can waste a lot of time and energy trying to find where to buy coloured contacts wholesaleThere are a lot of players out there who are looking to win you over with all sorts of special claims.

Highest quality

You should hope so – but you should know it’s so That means backing it up with CE marking and being sure it’s manufactured in accordance with the strict EU Cosmetics Directive. When you buy coloured contact lenses wholesale with MesmerEyez, you’re getting the straight EU quality product – end of story.

Genuine guarantees

What guarantee isn’t genuine? That’s a bit like saying – 100% pure – as if anything less than 100% can be pure. MesmerEyez offer a Money Back Guarantee. No special conditions or loopholes. We’re confident that you’ll love the product so if for whatever reason you’re not happy – we’ll give you your money back. We back our product all the way.

Special Free Gifts

Sorry but we don’t need silly gimmicks and so-called special free gifts to hide the fact that you might not like what you get. With the quality of our product and our service, you’ll know why we’re the leaders in coloured contact lenses. A teddy bear or branded bottle opener isn’t our way of doing things. The other thing about those special free gifts is how the cost is magically added into your first order. You can be sure we’re not one of those brands.

Key questions to ask when you buy coloured contacts wholesale

You want to know that the quality of the product matches the product that’s delivered. There is all sorts of sales promotion – even silly sales pitches like ‘crazy lenses at crazy prices!’ Here are a few things to consider to help you make the right choice when you buy coloured contact lenses wholesale:

Are they award winning?

MesmerEyez Wholesale is proud to be a multi-award winning company.

Are they International or a small outlet who only sell locally?

MesmerEyez Wholesale now distribute quality lenses in over 45 countries around the globe. Our coloured contacts have become one of the strongest selling products in beauty salons, cosmetic shops and pharmacies right across the world.

Does the Free Shipping mean Free International Shipping?

You put in your full order only to find that the shipping is only local or just the UK. Worse still, you discover there is no free international shipping for anything less than an order over £500! Whenever you buy coloured contacts wholesale, go with a trusted name. It doesn’t come any better than the MesmerEyez Wholesale name. We deliver the best in coloured contacts. When you buy coloured contact lenses wholesale from us, you’re getting true quality products backed by true customer service excellence.

Get your order heading your way today

Remember our range is second to none. The collections on offer have something to offer everyone. Sample some of the great coloured contacts now and see how you could be giving your customers a great new look. Want to know more or have any questions? You can contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.